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Period Hairdressing

Mary Mary
Director: Barend Kruger, ByStorm Pictures
Prosthetics makeup by Sara Austin and Jane Stiefel

Director: Alex Walker

Janssen Future of Europe
Director: Matt Hoadrobson

Director: Teja Hudson

Dark Side of the Earth – Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kate Burdette
Director: Neil Oseman

The Journey
Director: Richard Jobson, Photographer: Paula Harrowing

Battle Recon
Director: Robert Shannon, Photographer: Richard Unger

Born Of Hope
Director: Kate Madison, Photographer: Richard Unger

McFly Music Video - "Lies"
Director: Chris Hopewell, Photographer. Kate Martin

Music Video – Veronika Vesper ‘Bleeding Desert’
Director: Rob Patrick,Photography: Miles Holder

Sexy Sassy Breastfeeding Women (Charity Music Video)
Director: Virginia Howes, Photography:

The Diary
Director: Ash Maharaj